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Our Mission


We totally understand the roadblocks and problems encountered today by the prospective technologies. Eventually, it is painful to find their ultimate designation due to inexperience and lack of resources on their creators’ part, as well as high-risk value for potential investors, investing into R&D and startups, with no less than 98% of projects being destined for failure in one way or another.

Thanks to our big team of professionals, those who pursue an exceptional experience and a profound understanding of the economy and the market itself, Protosignal has been established and comes with a mission to relentlessly seek new technological innovations, aid in developing successful startups and products based on thereof, and ultimately filling respective niches in the modern-day market.

Our History

ProtoSignal’s history as a company constantly striving to signal the world about new technologies, marked its start with partnering relations between Ziya Gaziyev and Tarlan Hasanbayli. Two successful enthusiasts from Germany, developing their business in the healthcare and business fields, with Ziya Gaziyev ultimately building a factory and a successful German brand for vitamin supplement production, based on Nobel Prize-winning signal transport proteins technology whose patent he owns.

Tarlan Hasanbayli, on the other hand, being an innovator in the IT Tech field, pioneered along with his team - Genesa Technology - an Artificial Intelligence capable of signaling its users about potential health conditions they might be at risk for, based on its data and processing prowess.

The meeting and ultimate collaboration of these two dreamers, today provide scientists and science enthusiasts around the world, with an opportunity to give a new breath to their respective technologies in the modern economy.

Our Concept

Having extensive networking connections in scientific communities, universities, forums, we are always in search of promising and high-potential possessing technologies. If we see a potential in the received Tech after conducting an audit with our technical team, we conclude an agreement on the transfer of joint rights to this tech to ProtoSignal, after which we undertake the responsibility of attracting investments, registering companies, legal support, and development of a successful startup based on the said Technology.

For Scientists, Talents and Developers
First of all, having passed our audit, the developers will be able to accurately assess the need for their Technology from the viewpoint of economic benefit, and with the convergence of the required markers and indicators, will be able to receive a «full ride» from ProtoSignal, encompassing investment attraction, patent, and company registration as well as final product development and tailoring of therein for the current market.

For Investors
The ProtoSignal concept is unique in its own way, as our goal is not limited to just developing startups in the relevant niche markets, but rather we build our strategy on finding a unique Technology or scientific research piece, and implementing it.
This approach skyrockets the value of the product developed on this basis, thereby increasing its ultimate value and minimizing the risks of failure.

We are also actively supported by the German State, guaranteeing our investors a return of 20% on investments into new products developed under the ProtoSignal roof.

ProtoSignal Technologies
Research and development (R&D)
The ProtoSignal Research Center is also conducting research on the promising market for the use of Artificial Intelligence in HealthCare.

The result of this work is the creation of Genesa technology, which was created by Ph.D. scientists from medicine and mathematics that, through neural networks, can study

  • Genesa - an Artificial Intelligence designed to process immense amounts of hybrid health data and come up with intelligent conclusions as to individual health tendencies, underlying metabolic and cardiovascular conditions’ risks for its users.

Also we are in deep research in Medical Cannabis today we have unique:

  • Medical Marijuana Data - a first of its kind full data collateral of all known cannabis strains currently in the market, and their biochemical compositions and use designations in accordance with lab and scientific standards, as well as correlations for prospective use for medicinal purposes in the management of a vast array of medical conditions, with respect to the strains’ individual active ingredient and cannabinoid profiles.

Ready Products
Several companies and products are successfully registered and developed based on our technology at this point in time, and substantial investments attracted.
Voice Assistant Mary - Market’s first cannabis ecosystem possessing a dedicated Voice Assistant built based on ProtoSignal data and capable of providing detailed, real-time Cannabis strains information, based on its Users’ requests, covering a wide range of topics such as immediate effects, common uses, medicinal designations and much more, thus substantially simplifying educated recreational and medicinal use of cannabis.

E-Commerce White Label for Cannabis industry - White Label product, which has already been successfully used in the legal cannabis market in the United States.
Having studied this market and all the specifics of online trading, a product was developed that allows you to conduct a full cycle of trade and delivery of these products, taking into account the restrictions and conditions on the part of the state.
The technology allows companies, manufacturers, dispensaries and other market participants, without wasting time, to quickly create their own commercial platform based on the Proto Signal White Label and conduct online trading, which is not possible due to the specifics of the Cannabis Market on other White Label products like Shopify and others.

Currently being developed
Telemedicine SAAS (Software As a Service)
Software based on Genesa AI, designed for physicians working with cannabis patients, namely, providing a more detailed and efficient solution for patients’ disease management, progress tracking and detailed insights into individual health risk factors with respect to accurate dosage, prescription and application for their patients.

The next goal that Proto Signal Labs sets for itself is to create a product for the telemedicine market, which is especially relevant against the background of COVID, where a large consultation of doctors takes place online, which leads to the fact that doctors cannot cope with the loads of patient consultation.
To solve this problem, ProtoSignal Labs is developing an Artificial Intelligence created in the process of research, which will help doctors in their work with patients.

The object of the project is the development of an app for ordering RX medicine and OTC with immediate delivery. APOAPP is to become a modern platform that enables users to upload their prescriptions, order medication, or select non-prescription products and have them delivered to their address in the shortest possible time.
Considering the fact that e-prescriptions will hit the German market in January 2022, there will be great demand for the digitization of the process and APOAPP will be able to offer services for e-prescriptions as well. It will be possible to link telemedicine and insurance to make ordering prescription medicine more transparent and easier. The platform is composed of a web browser version, mobile application, admin panel, and fully integrated courier system.
Ziya Gaziyev

Tarlan Hasanbeyli

Head of science
Ilkin Akhundov

Head of Artificial Intelligence
Ramin Darvishov

Public Relations Director
Marguerite Arnold

Head of Market Research
Ivan Papus
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